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Dave’s Insanity Sauce

The bottle says "Also strips waxed floors and removes driveway grease stains!" We believe them!
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The bottle says “Also strips waxed floors and removes driveway grease stains!” We believe them!

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Dr Hotz! Says: Dave's Insanity Sauce is for when you're looking for an insane sauce that will reduce a friend to tears, shut up some blabber-mouth who's always banging on about how he (or she) can eat the hottest food or just to stitch up a work mate who's annoyed you!

Product Ingredients: <strong>Dave's Insanity Sauce</strong> contains: Tomato sauce, onions, hot pepper extract, hot peppers, vinegar, spices, soy oil, garlic, salt.

Dr Hotz! Says...

The Original. The Legend, The Trend Setter.

Dave’s Insanity Sauce started the super hot sauce sensation. Needs no introduction!

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15 reviews for Dave’s Insanity Sauce

  1. Hervey Scott (verified owner)

    <h3>Pleasingly hot!</h3><br>This sauce is a ‘must-have’ for any serious chilli head’s cupboard. It is seriously hot but in a nice way, unlike those sauces which are simply drenched in capsicum extract. I found that over time the severity of this sauce lessened as I got used to it, but I still only use a little at a time with pizzas, curries and many other dishes.

    Be warned although you might get steadily used to such a hot sauce, to the uninitiated it is definitely in the ‘man-test’ category. As one of my friends remarked, after trying a drop on the end of a cocktail stick, "How the hell have you eaten half a bottle of that s***!".

  2. Steven Large (verified owner)

    <h3>Nice, but too much will kill you!</h3><br>I got a bottle of the Insanity Sauce from my local supermarket about 12months ago. and only have 1/2 a bottle left.
    Upon first tasting I tried a teaspoon straight from the bottle, and after a short intense burn period i felt a warm, tasty smoky flavor, this along with the mild hallucinations and sweating made me give it a big thumbs up.
    This sauce is brought out now and again for special occasions, such as beans on toast, scrambled eggs on toast, hot dogs, and burgers.
    With it being pretty potent, you don’t need a big ammount, probably no more than a teaspoon. but saying that I like things hot! so for the less acclimatized maybe only a few drops and see how it goes.

  3. Scott McLean (verified owner)

    <h3>original & best hot sauce</h3><br>If u like it hot this is for u.
    A few drops to any dish is all u need.
    As u only need a few drops a bottle last a while

  4. Sgt. Scorch (verified owner)

    Now this is hot sauce! Starts with a delicious, strong, smokey sweet chilli flavour closely followed by a solid smack in the chops of heat. Expect lip swelling and nose running if you over do it not to mention a searing building heat and a euphoric head buzz. A benchmark​ in chilli sauce. Just buy it.

  5. Paige field (verified owner)

    This sauce is literally my life , if you like your food very hot would highly recommend this have been using it for years!!

  6. Coran Spicefreak Sloss (verified owner)

    Dave’s Insanity is up there with the hottest natural products but uses so much extract to get there that it tastes unbearably dark and bitter. It’s a great piece of hot sauce history but, if you want something edible, try Hot-Headz’ own Scorpion or Reaper sauce instead.

  7. MR H. (verified owner)

    I had to try it, it’s a classic. Mostly a cooking sauce though. I tend to like to eat hot sauce with toast and this one is a little grainy when eaten straight up. But it adds fantastic heat to cooking. Nice approachable level of spice too.

  8. Stephen M. (verified owner)

    Wear gloves!

  9. damion d. (verified owner)

  10. Joe Simmons (verified owner)

  11. Matthew (verified owner)

  12. Christopher Grace (verified owner)

    I ran out of this sauce, this is my second bottle. There is no other sauce hotter. You have to have this .

  13. JAMES W. (verified owner)

  14. Junior Shakes (verified owner)

    And finally back to where it started 15 years ago with my amazing Dave’s insanity sauce what an excellent product which I use every day,I’m very excited and pleased to know I now have hot headz to get my supply when needed thank you👌🏾👊🏾

  15. stíobhart matulevicz (verified owner)

    Great sauce. Just a pity the price seems to go up by a quid a bottle, every time I need to re-order!

  16. Stuart McAllister (store manager)

    Thanks for the repeat orders! When we first imported this in 1994 it was £4.99. Now in 2024 it’s £6.99. £2.00 increase in 30 years ain’t too shabby!

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