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Germano’s Chilli Sauce In Olive Oil

The most amazing product in the world! Creates fanatical dedication due to it's versatility and amazing flavour.
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The most amazing product in the world!

Creates fanatical dedication due to it’s versatility and amazing flavour.

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Dr Hotz! Says: Germano's Chilli Sauce With Garlic In Olive Oil is one of the most unique sauces we've seen here at Hot-Headz! for a while. National Chilli Awards 2023 GOLD Winner! Judges comments: Fantastic aroma which made all judges salivate! Incredible flavour of crispy garlic supported with good chilli heat and flavour along with some roasted notes. Balanced seasoning and a big umami bomb! Lovely texture and excellent length of finish. SIMPLY BRILLIANT!

Product Ingredients: Fresh chillies and garlic, olive oil, seasoning, sugar and iodised salt.

Dr Hotz! Says...

Head & Shoulders above all other "chilli crisp" type products. Highly Recommended.

Made in the Philippines Germano’s Chilli Sauce is a real find. Crunchy and spicy are the two first things you notice about this sauce. The flavour develops and gets deeper as the garlicky hit takes control. Truly a revelation this will soon become your latest “go to” condiment. This sauce could be the new ingredient in so many things like salads, sandwiches, stir frys, soups, sauces and toppings.

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19 reviews for Germano’s Chilli Sauce In Olive Oil

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    This is one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted if you like heat with flavour you have to buy this!

  2. Yuma Yuma Spices (verified owner)

    This is without doubt THE best chilli product I have come across. I was so sad when it ran out! I came online to look for it as I haven’t found it in any supermarkets. Please get it back in stock or I’m going to cry.
    Things this chilli stuff is tasty in:
    Mexican food
    All food

  3. LIZZIE (verified owner)

    Best chilli sauce ever! Totally addicted

  4. Chilli lover (verified owner)

    Brilliant very tasty love it

  5. Robert Nowak (verified owner)

    AMAZING! Best chilli product ever and great to cook with.

  6. Dazza b (verified owner)

    A friend give me a jar to try ..I love my chilli and garlic .. but this was a different level cooked on barbie with chicken kebabs ! I’ve just ordered 5 jars for the summer season

  7. Coran Spicefreak Sloss (verified owner)

    Slightly smokey, slightly sweet, rather hot and increadibly garlicy. Calling this a sauce is somewhat fraudulent as it’s simply tiny garlic pieces in oil but the flavour is amazing and the oil itself just binds it to the tongue. Livens up anything bland and goes great with cheese, or even just on toast. Don’t overdo it though as the shear strength of flavour means you really don’t need a lot. Something of a plus because you get more use out of it.
    The heat can be controlled to an extent by using more or less of the chilli infused oil as the garlic itself has noticeably less burn.

  8. Matt (verified owner)

    Not particularly spicy in terms of the usual Hot Heads fare, but quite simply the best taste in the world. Truly amazing and worth every penny.

  9. TimR (verified owner)

    I have been on this stuff for about five years. It is absolutely the best.

  10. Tony H. (verified owner)

    This has got to be the best condiment ever. It enhances everything I put it in from a simple Spag Bol to cheese on toast. The depth of flavour is amazing

  11. Joe Simmons (verified owner)

  12. Holly (verified owner)

    I love Germano’s, so I ordered three jars. This came very well packaged and in good time.

  13. Anthony A. (verified owner)

    I put this in mostly everything. It’s amazing.

  14. Kevin (verified owner)

    Top service as always. Been buying this for years and absolutely love it. I put this in everything from pasta to beans.

  15. Danny H. (verified owner)

    I’ve been a massive fan of this chilli oil for years and I still love it. You can use it with any dinner, on a bit of cheese, salad or simply by itself. I think it’s the best chilli oil/sauce out there and I’ve tried lots.

  16. Andy F. (verified owner)

    Great. This is the best product ever

  17. James Lee (verified owner)

    This stuff is fantastic, never without a jar in the cupboard!

  18. Natasha (verified owner)

    Amazing taste smoky with a lovely aftertaste nice with cheese too

  19. Danny Hills (verified owner)

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