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Shinedown Symptom Chipotle Garlic Hot Sauce from Torchbearer

When we say you’ll put it on everything, we mean EVERYTHING!
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When we say you’ll put it on everything, we mean EVERYTHING!

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Dr Hotz! Says: We were sworn to secrecy about the release of this sauce - but now we can reveal all!

Product Ingredients: GMO Free Canola oil, garlic, chipotle jalapeno, distilled white vinegar, water, lime juice, Dijon MUSTARD (distilled white vinegar, water, MUSTARD see, salt, white wine, sugar, citric acid, turmeric), sea salt, chilli powder, black pepper. ALLERGENS: IN CAPITALS

Dr Hotz! Says...

Shinedown Spicy Garlic Chipotle Sauce

Just when you think hot sauce couldn’t get any better, Shinedown comes to the stage. Drop. The. Mic.

The guys at Torchbearer were beyond excited to share their legendary collaboration with the band, featuring speciality sauces like your new favorite: our smokey and spicy Symptom chipotle pepper hot sauce. One taste of the balanced heat and awesome flavours in this collection, and you’ll be wondering where it’s been your whole life. Take it up a notch!

Rock star levels of flavour. Delicious fire that even Hades himself would be jealous of. With it’s melodic combination of smokiness, spiciness, and garlickiness, you’ll put this sauce on everything – – on a sandwich, mixed into a smokey-spicy mayo, with your tacos and burritos, or even right off a spoon.

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