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Satan’s Spawn! Evil Hot Gummy Bears

One of our best sellers on-line and at Chilli Shows.
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One of our best sellers on-line and at Chilli Shows.

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Dr Hotz! Says: It's not their fault - these spiteful little Devils were just born Bad! National Chilli Awards 2023 Silver Winner! Judges comments: Big, sweet and fruity aroma and good detail on the mould. Good chew. Sharp Habanero heat. Pleasing sweetness in a product that could easily have been made too sweet. Easy to keep eating and a fun product!

Product Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, water, gelatine (from pork), citric acid, flavourings: plant extracts (safflower, red radish), habanero powder (0.3%), concentrated white grape juice, glazing agent: carnuba wax, natural fruit sweetener, concentrated apple juice, concentrated apricot juice, concentrated pear juice,.

Dr Hotz! Says...

We Know, we know! We've bastardised the gummy bear for good!

New Larger Gummy Bears – same great flavour and heat!

New packaging!  Now in 125g full colour bag – makes an amazing gift!

Habanero infused Gummy Bears are so addictive you’ll be keeping them on your desk or by your PC. A good habanero burn with great fruit flavour.


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14 reviews for Satan’s Spawn! Evil Hot Gummy Bears

  1. Bob Bradfield (verified owner)

    <h3>Cute little things</h3><br>Nice fruit taste and a short burn.
    Most who tried them liked/were OK, others in the office didn’t understand why you would want to add chilli to a harmless sweet 😉

  2. Chris Ralphs (verified owner)

    <h3>morish, but punchy!</h3><br>A genuine gummi bear (wine gum) start to the flavour, but with a surprisingly punchy chilli hit a few seconds later. Fairly short peak to the burn, but a steady trail-off warmth that lasts a few minutes to let you know they’ve been around.

    Like the previous reviewer: I took them into the office and offered them around and. Aside from one person who was gob-smacked (excuse the pun) at why people would put chilli in a kids’ sweet, the general consensus was that they’re pretty good and although surprising spicy definitely easy to get hooked on.

    I’m back for a few more bags, but admittedly more as a gift / office / party gimmick, rather than for general day-to-day consumption.

  3. Adam Geary (verified owner)

    <h3>They dont bite!!</h3><br>Bought a bag of these back in October & spread them around work, with surprising results. Only three people did’nt like them, one being my MD just before he was about speak to us all.
    Very enjoyable sweet & found myself chomping on about 5 at a time, perfect for chilli nights.

  4. BeardyMike (verified owner)

    I keep a small jar of these at my work desk. Fabulous for unsuspecting sweet thieves, and a tasty treat for me.

    The initial flavour is that of a fruity gummy bear, but after about 5 seconds the heat comes through and lasts about 5 minutes after the gummy is gone.

    It’s not cripplingly hot, but if you’re not expecting the heat, it’ll take you by surprise.

  5. Tracy oconnell (verified owner)

    Wow not expecting that 10 out of 10… we seen who could eat the most I lost

  6. Alan (verified owner)

    These things are great, start off fruity then you get a pretty good hit of chilli.
    Good for both chilli lovers and playing tricks on the unsuspecting. Not hot enough to cause real problems but will give a definite surprise to the unsuspecting victim.

  7. Jamie (verified owner)

    Don’t even deserve the name they were about as hot as ice cream so disappointed

  8. Gavin (verified owner)

  9. Cliff Boynton (verified owner)

    Great evil fun.

  10. Brett Bentley (verified owner)

  11. Gordon S. (verified owner)

    These gummy bear are absolutely lovely with a kick

  12. Joe Simmons (verified owner)

  13. James Collin (verified owner)

    Not tried yet so can’t comment, but delivery was quick

  14. Robert S compson (verified owner)

    Hot but not silly hot

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