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Who Dares Burns! Naga Chilli Peanuts x 3 Bags

NEW IMPROVED RECIPE!!!  3 Bags of 80g Who Dares Burns! Peanuts. They’ve still got that incredible...
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Dr Hotz! Says: BOOM! Survival Rations at their Best! The snack that's blowing minds all over the UK! Naga dusted peanuts for a really HOT treat!

Product Ingredients: ALLERGENS IN CAPITAL LETTERS PEANUTS (94%), Rapeseed Oil, Garlic Powder, Naga Chilli Powder (1%), onion powder, salt. Packed in a facility that uses: nuts, sesame, gluten, soya, mustard, celery, milk and sulphites.

Dr Hotz! Says...

Tastiest Naga Nuts on the planet!

NEW IMPROVED RECIPE!!!  3 Bags of 80g Who Dares Burns! Peanuts.

They’ve still got that incredible Naga/Ghost Pepper burns but now with a garlicky edge – moreish!!

Be careful – these aren’t those namby pamby “chilli flavoured” nuts you’ll find in most shops, pubs and bars. Who Dares Burns! Naga Peanuts sort the men from the boys and should be handled with care.

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17 reviews for Who Dares Burns! Naga Chilli Peanuts x 3 Bags

  1. Scott McLean (verified owner)

    Loved them

  2. Alex Gale (verified owner)

    <h3>Wow…..nice kick!!</h3><br>Got these nuts as I was fed up with the so called HOT chilli peanuts in the shops…..opened them tried a few, to be honest a bit disappointed at first then about 45 seconds later I felt the heat creeping in..more & more until I was thinking these are just what I`ve been waiting for….fantastic peanuts with a superbly (proper) hot flavour……well recommended for all you Chilli-heads!!

  3. ben white (verified owner)

    <h3>veter</h3><br>these are adictive, I wanted to save some to let my dad try some when he visits but had eaten the whole packet before i knew it. very nice, and free with my order too-thanks hot-headz

  4. Michael McKevitt (verified owner)

    <h3>Who Dares Burns! Peanuts</h3><br>95% peanuts – 4% naga chilli mix. For the first few seconds all you can taste is peanuts, then bing, a little bit of heat, a few more seconds and bong, it gets hotter and within three more seconds BANG! You get the drift. After the forst few peanuts though the intensity does become quite bearable and even pleasant. The heat stays on the tongue for a few minutes afterwards. Will be buying again.
    P.S. I’m a total chilli noob.

  5. Nicola (verified owner)

    I’m a heat and spice lover and I’m over the moon that I’ve finally found some spicy peanuts that actually have spice and heat!! Lovely, will definitely be buying again!

  6. Andy CANE (verified owner)

    <h3>What Lovely Nuts</h3><br>These nuts look innocent enough but looks can be deceiving, I lined up a cold Beer with a friend and we opend the packet and threw about half a dozen into our mouths, had a good chew on the lightly roasted nuts and a pleasent warming sensation started, swallowed and then POW! …These nuts are HOT ! The heat builds for about one to two minutes and dont listen to any one that says these are mild..They are not insane but they are very Hot.

    Had a mouthfull of cold beer (not a wise idea) and then repeated this with the pleasure pain feelings until the packet was finished.

  7. Lisa Radford (verified owner)

    <h3>Wowwwwww !!!</h3><br>These nuts are not for the light hearted they are seriously spicy hubby nearly passed out ,mind he is a light wieght lol …but seroiusly thet are good going to give them to my addictive hot chilli son will update 😉

  8. Craig (verified owner)

    Just tried some of these that a colleague brought in to work and they are brilliant! They actually are ‘hot’ but taste amazing.

  9. Andrew Main (verified owner)

    These peanuts not hot at all very mild really disappointed but i did like the crisps and the nut challenge

  10. Andrew Main (verified owner)

    These nuts not hot at all very mild i was disappointed with them not as discribed on yhe packaging, but on the other hand i did love the peanut challenge and the crisps.

  11. Reviewing things (verified owner)

    I just got a free sample bag of this along with the sauce I ordered and I ate the whole thing. Here are my thoughts.

    The burn was not overwhelming but I started to feel it as I dug deeper into the bag. The tolerance for heat is relative so I’m skipping that part mostly. I can tell that these nuts have more heat than the Hot Headz habanero chips and I think these nuts could be around 300k scoville heat units(?). I’m totally not sure, I’m just trying to give you perspective on what these nuts are about.

    The taste, it was the best peanuts I’ve had for ages. Salty, as it should be. Chili and something else, a hint of smoke possibly. There was a thick coating of spices on top of the nuts and every bite made me want more. I even had to eat the left over spice from the bag once I had finished the nuts.

    I’m definitely ordering more of these nuts once I’m up for ordering more sauces from Hot Headz.

  12. Andy CANE (verified owner)

    Just how I like my nuts
    What ever you do dont open these nuts unless you have more than one tin !
    When you open the tin you are greeted by a a slight toasted smokey smell and nice plump round peanuts coated in a orangey red coating.I popped a half hand full into my mouth and started to chew, they taste great, nicely toasted with a nice touch of salt and spice heat, they are a mild to medium hot and in my opinion the perfect nuts for eating with beer, the problem comes when you try to stop you cant because the taste and chilli hit are perfect and so I kept going until they where all gone and I had only orderd one tin……noooooooooooo I want more.

  13. Coran Spicefreak Sloss (verified owner)

    The exact same oil and chilli as "Satan’s Nuts! Naga Chilli Cashew Nuts" (also on this site) but a different nut and more serious package.
    The ghost pepper flavour combined with that of the nuts themselves is delicious but these are very much a one at a time thing. Enjoy with caution and make sure to wash your hands as that is PURE ghost coating.
    Hottest nuts I’ve ever eaten.

  14. David Hender (verified owner)

    These nuts are just yummy. Not too hot and at a great price

  15. Gordon S. (verified owner)

    Best chilli peanuts I have ever tasted

  16. Mike Greenfield (verified owner)

    If you’ve been searching for decent chilli peanuts with a kick of heat, then look no further. These are nuts on steroids with naga. Tip: wash your hands after eating or risk a secondary burn!

  17. Mike G. (verified owner)

    These are nuts on steroids! You can really taste the Naga chilli and then the heat kicks in. Excellent chilli peanuts, far, far better than anything readily available in the shops.

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