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Fiji Fire Tropical Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce

Fiji Fire Tropical Bongo Sauce is a batch-crafted island blend of handpicked native bongo chillies,...
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Fiji Fire Tropical Bongo Sauce is a batch-crafted island blend of handpicked native bongo chillies, wild ginger, naturally-brewed vinegar, rock sea salt, and sweet Fijian Pineapples.

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Dr Hotz! Says: The second offering from Fiji Fire and it's a belter! Super tasty with good all round heat that makes it extremely versatile. Local ginger and hand picked native bongo chillies, sea salt, sweet Fijian Pineapples and naturally brewed vinegar creates the perfect island blend of heat and flavour.

Product Ingredients: Naturally brewed vinegar, sunripened Fijian Pineapples, native hand picked Bongo chillies, sea salt, local Fijian ginger.

Dr Hotz! Says...

All the flavour of the Original Native Bongo Chilli Hot Sauce but with sweet Fijian Pinepples and Ginger!

Down To Earth (FIJI) works with the nearby communities to ensure the freshest ingredients, highest product quality, and the fairest reward directly into the farmers’ hands.

They also procure their farming community with farm equipment and seedlings donations in return for year-round supply.

Pairs well with most dishes and swiftly becomes a staple condiment on tables.

Wonderful addition to grilled meat and sea food, pizzas and burgers, as well as curries and Asian cuisine.

Excellent with mayonnaise, sauces and cocktails for a tangy and spicy twist.

Great rubbed into meat and plant based proteins to add flavour before cooking.

Fiji Fire Hot Sauce pays tribute to the legendary fire walkers of Beqa Island, adjacent to their kitchen.

Plant-based and natural, with no preservatives and no additives.

Gluten, nut, and soya free; keto and paleo diet friendly.

Certified FIJIAN MADE by the Fijian Ministry of Trade.

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