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Sea Herbs – Dried Sugar Kelp Seaweed

Also known as wild Atlantic kombu, Sea belt, Sweet kombu, Sugar tang and Poor man’s weatherglass...
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Also known as wild Atlantic kombu, Sea belt, Sweet kombu, Sugar tang and Poor man’s weatherglass and Devil’s apron (Laminaria saccharina).

Part of the “Sea Herb” range and a way of introducing you to cooking with seaweed.

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Dr Hotz! Says: Sugar Kelp is sustainably harvested from UK shores and then washed several times to remove all the sand, molluscs, and any crustaceans. It is then slowly dried over 6 hours and then the last hour toasted to maximise the flavour. Sugar Kelp is then blended and sealed into the pouch to preserve the flavour.

Product Ingredients: Sugar Kelp seaweed. Allergens: Cannot guarantee crustacean and mollusc free.

Dr Hotz! Says...

Sugar kelp seaweed hand harvested from the UK coast.

What does it taste like?

Sugar kelp provides a subtle umami sweet nutty flavour to your cooking. A similar species is highly prized in Japan which is used to make Dashi (stock) and a foundation of Japanese cooking.

Nutritional Information

Sugar kelp is rich in iodine which is a trace mineral which is vital for the operation of the thyroid gland which plays an important role in body development and metabolism. Sugar kelp also contains high levels of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium which is essential for your bone health and strength and can help lower your blood pressure and health of your thyroid gland. Also, a good source of Vitamin K which helps the body repair itself especially good for helping wounds heal.

How to use it?

For first time uses we would recommend using it in soups and broths, one of my favourite recipes is adding it to miso soups, which is a clear soup made with lots of ginger, garlic, chilli, spring onions, vegetables, fish, or meat of choice with a dash of fish sauce and soy sauce for good measure.

It also pairs really well with mushrooms, a mushroom risotto with a tsp of sugar kelp would work wonders. And it brings depth of flavour to meat dishes such as bolognaise, lasagnes and slow cooked lamb stew.


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