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Sweet Seaweed Chilli Sauce!

This glorious sweet chilli sauce - as championed at Pembrokeshire's famous Cafe Môr is now available...
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This glorious sweet chilli sauce – as championed at Pembrokeshire’s famous Cafe Môr is now available to buy online!

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Dr Hotz! Says: I absolutely love this sweet chilli sauce! (and I don't really like sweet sauces!) Why not treat your pantry to a bottle of amazing Kelpchup (seaweed Ketchup) also?!

Product Ingredients: Seaweed (Laver) ginger puree, organic apple cider vinegar, sugar, red chilli , salt, FISH sauce (anchovy extract) garlic, maize starch Allergens: FISH and SULPHITES -Also Cannot guarantee crustacean or mollusc free due to seaweed content.

Dr Hotz! Says...

*NEW FOR 2023* A super seaweed sweet chilli sauce ! Yes you heard right!

This sweet chilli sauce has been enjoyed for many years by Cafe Môr patrons at the famous Freshwater West beach location in beautiful Pembrokeshire. It teams up with just about anything but is super amazing on fish, crab, lobster, burgers, cheese and can be used as a dipping sauce too – what’s not to love!?

Bottled with love and packed full of good stuff it will tantalise your taste buds and add a zing to your day and dishes!  Use it like a healthy version of Sriracha!

What is it?

Sweet Chilli Sauce  contains lovely Laver seaweed which adds lots of goodies to the sauce as well as flavour.

Blended with organic apple cider vinegar, ginger puree and red chilli for the zing!  Our seaweeds are hand harvested from UK waters in a sustainable manner.

What does it taste like?

This sweet chilli flavour bomb will bring a zing to every dish you put it in.

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