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The Mermaid’s Larder – Seaweed Seasonings Condiments Collection

5 bottles of different seaweeds to bring adventure to your cooking.
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5 bottles of different seaweeds to bring adventure to your cooking.

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Dr Hotz! Says: Dulse has a fantastic savoury, umami, and salty flavour. Its vibrant purple colour also brings a hint of a meaty, bacon flavour too.

Product Ingredients: Wrack seaweed, gutweed seaweed, laver seaweed, dulse seaweed, kelp seaweed. Allergens: Cannot guarantee crustacean and mollusc free.

Dr Hotz! Says...

Welcome to the Mermaids larder, a collection of seaweeds to inspire the adventurous home or professional cook. A must for anyone on a quest for discovery.

It’s is not only a collection of dried condiments to bring flavour and depth to dishes and sprinkle magic on your meals, but a journey down the seashore! Follow the tide from low to high water with mini bottles of wrack, gutweed, laver, dulse and kelp.

Comes with suggestions for how to use each dried seaweed on the reverse of the pack. A lovely gift for an aspiring chef looking for adventure. Each bottle contains 10g+.

Dulse is sustainably harvested from UK shores and then washed several times to remove all the sand, molluscs, and any crustaceans. It is then slowly dried over 12 hours and then the last hour toasted to maximise the flavour. Dulse is then blended and sealed into the pouch to preserve the flavour.

How to use it?

Dulse brings that vibrant flavour to whatever you’re cooking with.  An all-time favourite dish to cook with dulse is mash potato.  We don’t know what it does but its great, simply boil up a few potatoes with a tbsp of dulse and a sprinkle of sea salt and turmeric. Once the potato is cooked, drain the water away and put a big dollop of butter with it and a little more sea salt and white pepper. Mash into a smooth rich velvet creamy potato heaven. Serve by itself with a sprinkle of cheese on or with smoky beans.

Bread and dulse also belong together, they too create perfect harmony. From a cooks’ sourdough recipe to a simple kids cheese scone recipes, dulse brings a lot to this kitchen party.

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