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Welshman’s Caviar – Dried Laver Seaweed

Laverbread is rich in potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, and protein. The level of protein is the...
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Laverbread is rich in potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, and protein. The level of protein is the highest of all the seaweeds and said it can be between 30 – 50% protein. I found this percentage staggering and didn’t quite believe it so I’ve been sending a sample of dried laver to the labs every month for a year to monitor protein levels and how they change according to the seasons: On average per 100g sample, dried laver holds 35% protein, which is amazing, this means, gram for gram, Laver contains more protein than chicken.

In addition, Laverbread is a powerhouse of vitamins and amino acids and has particularly high concentrations of Vitamin A, B2, B9, and C. Amino acids are essential for muscle development and strength. Vitamin A is important for the immune system and helps support bone health and eye health. Vitamin B9 is important in red blood cell formation and healthy cell growth. Vitamin C helps boost antioxidant levels, lower blood pressure and helps the body repair itself.

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Dr Hotz! Says: A store cupboard favourite of mine I find it essential to everyday cooking. For the first timers out there, I would simply sprinkle it onto your eggs in the morning, your salads at lunch or your rice/pasta dishes in the evening. Treat it like an herb and each sprinkle is just simply adding flavour to what you are cooking.

Product Ingredients: Pembrokeshire laver seaweed, and nothing else.

Dr Hotz! Says...

Handpicked laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coast which has been dried and toasted to bring out its unique depth of flavour.

What is it?

100% laver seaweed and nothing else, just pure laver flavour gold. It is always hand gathered from the Pembrokeshire coast and never from anywhere else. It is then washed several times to remove all the sand, molluscs, and any crustaceans. It is then slowly dried over 24 hours and then the last hour toasted to maximise the flavour. The laver seaweed is then lightly flaked, jarred, and sealed.

What does it taste like?

It has more mild natural olive marine flavour when comparing it to laverbread. On its own, it stands up as wonderful fresh flavour that the toasting brings out and makes it subtle but essential.


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