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Sea Herbs – Salt and Seaweed Rub Mix

For Cafe Mor owner and chef Johnathan this is a store cupboard essential.  And probably one...
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For Cafe Mor owner and chef Johnathan this is a store cupboard essential.  And probably one of his desert island necessities.   He uses it on everything.

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Dr Hotz! Says: Usng the finest crunchy sea flakes from Halen Mon mixed with dried toasted handpicked laver flakes and a sprinkle of toasted dulse to create the perfect salt.

Product Ingredients: Halen Mon sea salt, laver seaweed, dulse seaweed. Allergens: Cannot guarantee crustacean or mollusc free.

Dr Hotz! Says...

The only salt blend you will ever need, actually it’s the only salt you will ever need.

What is it?

It is hand harvested Welsh Sea Salt mixed with sustainably harvested laver and dulse seaweed. The salt is filtered naturally via a mussel bed and a sandbank. Once naturally filtered, the salt water is gently heated in a vacuum, so it boils at a low temperature. Gradually, the water releases steam and turns into a very salty brine. When the concentration of the salt in the water is high enough, Halen Mon release it into shallow crystallisation tanks and leave it there to allow the sea salt crystals to form. Once the crystals have formed, it is then harvested by hand. Finally, the flakes are rinsed in brine until they shine.

The laver and dulse seaweed are always harvested by hand in a sustainable manner and then washed several times to remove all the sand, molluscs, and any crustaceans. It is then slowly dried over 24 hours and then the last hour toasted to maximise the flavour. The seaweed is then flaked and mixed with the sea salt flakes. The mixture is then sealed into pouches. The Perfect Seasoning is then ready.

What does it taste like?

Fresh salty flavours combined with the earthy undertones of the dulse seaweed and then the olive mariney laver seaweed flavour.

How to use it?

Season away, from your morning eggs to your rainbow salads to your roasted potatoes. I even have a little pinch in my porridge. Treat it like normal salt and each sprinkle is just simply adding flavour to what you are cooking. Perhaps my all-time favourite is homemade dark chocolate with a sprinkle of Mermaid Confetti on top.


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